Sunday, September 16, 2007

Updated Game Plan

The RE called on Friday to let me know that my bloodwork showed that I ovulated and my progesterone levels were very high. Yay! I was especially glad because when I told him that based on my temps I ovulated on day 36, he pretty much brushed me off. He did it in a very polite way, but told me it was unlikely that I ovulated at all since I was already on cycle day 45 and then gave me all the reasons why bbt is not very reliable. So based on the bloodwork results, he made some changes to my next steps.

Updated Game Plan:
• Reschedule baseline ultrasound until after I start, but before cycle day 5
• More bloodwork on cycle day 3
• Begin Letrozole on day 3-7
• HSG test around day 11 advice

I know the RE’s at this practice prefer using Letrozole over Clomid, but I forgot to ask why. He did tell me that the side effects last longer on Clomid than on Letrazole. Other than hot flashes and mood swings (my husband called Clomid my angry pills), I didn’t experience anything too bad on Clomid. Does anyone have experience with Letrozole? I would love to know what to expect.


infertility just sucks said...

Ha - "angry pills" - hilarious!

I don't have any experience with Letrazole but I did have an HSG last week. I love that your RE does so much bloodwork - sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out since I haven't had much at all and it's hard to remember that I can't self-diagnose via blogs.

Of course, that does not stop me from trying. :)

sharah said...

Letrozole is the generic for femara. It works in a slightly different way than clomid, which changes how much estrogen your brain triggers you to produce. My experience was that I produced 5-10 follicles per cycle on clomid, and only 1-3 on femara. Side-effects wise, the femara makes me more susceptible to migraines, but otherwise nothing (I didn't have anything but night sweats on clomid, either).

Good luck!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I have to say I am always surprised at how LITTLE drs trust bbt combined with Fertility Awareness Method. Hello - progesterone causes sustained thermal shifts! It drove me crazy. I ovulated before both my IUIs and I think I ovulated my biggest egg(s) pre-IVF retrieval too. Not a big deal, but I liked knowing. GOOD for you knowing what's going on w/your body!