Monday, September 10, 2007

This weekend was nice and relaxing. I participated in the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk 2007, a wonderful event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. A friend at work started a team for the walk in honor of her mother who is living with Alzheimer’s. Our team of 4 raised over $3,000! One of the signs at the race really got to me – “There are no survivors of Alzheimer’s and there is no cure” – true, but so very sad.

On a side not, I am pretty sure I qualify as a Mountain Dew addict. It was pouring rain on Sunday – which we really needed – when I felt that I really needed a Mountain Dew. So instead of waiting for the rain to abate like a reasonable person, I put on my raincoat and went to the store to buy some Dew (and got completely drenched). But damn did that Dew taste good! Now I should be good for the week.

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Katie said...


I wanted to thank you for your support on my blog and also wanted to say how sorry I am for your early loss. Having been through quite a few of those, I know how tough it is. I am glad to have found you so that I can watch as good things start happening for you.

PS- I am addicted to the Dew as well. Dew is to me what I assume crack is to crack addicts. When you gotta have it, you gotta have it.