Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cold + 33 Weeks Pregnant =

Peeing on myself. Oy! I never thought at 31 one of my biggest concerns throughout the day would be sneezing and immediately peeing my pants. Even panty liners haven’t completely solved this problem. I have taken to wearing black pants and crossing my legs really hard whenever the urge to sneeze strikes – a little awkward if I sneeze while walking.

Our kitchen is still a disaster zone! B has done an amazing job ripping out the current tile and laying the slate tile we picked out. He should be done with the tile by the end of the week, paint over the weekend, and hopefully schedule the cabinets / countertops to be delivered next week or the week after. Once the cabinets/countertops are in we can start moving the contents of the cabinets/countertops from the nursery to the kitchen. Then we can move the extra bedroom furniture out of the nursery and actually move the nursery into the nursery (which is currently in the basement)!

I can’t believe that my due date is less than 7 weeks away!