Thursday, July 31, 2008


Before B left for deployment we decided to renovate our kitchen. The reason being that we HATE our tile – glossy white tile (with hunter green grout!) and dogs do not mix – and the countertops are old white formica-type that are just cheap looking. We will be getting new cabinets, granite counterops, tile floors, and a new paint color.

This is what the kitchen looked when we first moved in (there are now pictures on the wall and blinds on the window):

We decided to use an Amish guy that several of our friends have used. They warned us that he does not work on what we would consider normal timeframes – more he does not work on timeframes period. We have two friends that have used him and while his work was beautiful, he was significantly behind schedule on both projects.

This was not a problem for us because we couldn’t do anything until B came home from deployment. I started talking to the guy in April – explaining what we want, having him come measure, etc. We decided on an August 15th deadline (knowing that our friends said to give a 2-3 week grace period on that deadline).

They are only doing our cabinets and countertops – B is doing the demolition of old cabinets/countertops, ripping up/retiling the floor, and painting. B started ripping up the tile a few nights ago. I had a message this morning that they are ready to install the cabinets tomorrow!

This is what our kitchen floor currently looks like:

– and we can’t use the beautiful hardwoods under the crappy tile because the idiots that put the tile in ruined it!

Holy hell!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Congratulations to Kristen! She had her beautiful baby boy on Saturday!


Congratulations to Geohde on the birth of her twins!


Congratulations to Road Blocks and Roller Coasters on the birth of her beautiful baby girl!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am now 31 weeks! You think I would be used to pregnancy by now, but I am still shocked about 50% of the time when I pass by a mirror and see my profile.

It has been so hectic since B returned from deployment. Poor guy barely had time to adjust to the time zone change and the gigantic wife before all hell seemed to break loose.

July 18 – My parents, sister-in-law, and his mom arrive in town for the baby shower. That is 6 people in our very small, 3 bedroom home.

July 19 – Baby shower and my 31st birthday. The shower was wonderful. Everyone was so thoughtful and generous. B damn near had a heart attack when we unloaded all of the loot! :)

July 20 – All of our houseguests head home. Then about 9pm we find that my grandmother (mom’s mom) passed away earlier that evening. She was 87 and in okay health, but told my aunt earlier in the week that she was ready to go be with my grandfather.

July 21 – Wake up around 2 am with horrible back pain. Over the next few hours I try everything – walk, change beds, change positions, read a book to take my mind off of it – but nothing helps. Somewhere in there I throw up twice. Around 5:30 call the on-call doctor who tells me to go to labor & delivery triage because she is worried about kidney stones. After 5 hours and tons of tests we find out that I have a kidney infection. I am now a little worried about labor because that was the worst pain I have ever been in – and it was just an infection!

July 23 – 26 – Fly to Wyoming for my grandmothers’ funeral. I am so glad my doctor allowed me to go. I felt I really needed to be there, not just for me but for my mom as well. I am also so thankful that B was back so he could be here with me. Even though I know my grandmother went peacefully and is now with my grandfather, it is still so hard to lose a loved one. We are using her name, Rosemary, as our little girl’s middle name.

We both hope that the next few weeks are uneventful!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

He is Home!

B is finally home! I am so happy. The look on his face was priceless when he saw my belly. He kept rubbing it and staring at it all night. He felt her move a few hours after he got home. It was amazing! She didn't move for him right away (I think he thought she might move on command :) ) But after we ate dinner she started her usual gymnastics and he was able to feel and see the movement.

He has already put together the crib and bookshelf - although both are still in our basement. This weekend is my baby shower and our parents will all be staying with our very small house. We decided to wait on dismantling our second extra bedroom and turning it into the nursery until after this weekend.

I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am that he is home!

Thanks again for your support and words of encouragement during his deployment.