Monday, July 13, 2009


Thanks for the concern - I really appreciate the support. I started bleeding yesterday afternoon. The ob's office called today to tell me that the pregnancy is not viable. After finding out I already started bleeding they asked me to come in later this week for another blood test to make sure my number goes back to zero. Awesome.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I took another test this morning. This one was negative. I wonder when I will start bleeding. I am on day cd 48.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I went to the doctor today to find out for sure if I am pregnant. Even though I have had four positive tests I was still nervous. Turns out I had good reason to be nervous - the pee test at the clinic came back negative...twice. They did a blood test and just called me with the result. She said my HCG is 15 - and congratulated me. Isn't this bad news? I assume she was giving me my beta. My beta at 18 dpo when I miscarried was 14. My beta at 14 dpiui with Grace was 211. I have no idea when I ovulated, but I still don't think a 15 sounds like reason to celebrate.

This was not my ob/gyn office, it was our crappy military clinic that I have to go in order to get a referral to my ob/gyn. I was pretty upset when I got the negative at the clinic, and given my history they were nice enough to give me a referral to see my regular dr this afternoon. The ob/gyn office also took bloodwork which won't be back until Monday. I am not feeling optimistic.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Car seats and more

We are now in the market for the next stage of car seats. We have narrowed it down to a Britax – either the Marathon or Boulevard. They are so freaking expensive! I’ve found a few places online to get them cheaper, but still expensive. Oy!

Grace is still well below the limits of her infant seat, but we will be driving to Boston in a few weeks and I thought she might be more comfortable in the bigger seat. Not sure it will make much of a difference to her, but will make me feel better about having her in it for so long!

In other news, my contract at work is expiring at the end of the month. After about a month of working full-time I decided I couldn’t handle it. Grace goes to sleep around 7-7:30, so I only got to spend an hour or two with her each night. Plus my husband is out of town about 50% of the year, which just made things tougher. I know people do it every day and my hat is off to them! My work has been great and offered me part-time on a 6 month contract. My boss says he still needs me based on workload, but has to go up two levels in the chain of command to get it approved. I should be finding out any day now. Keeping my fingers crossed – I am going with the ‘no news, is good news’ mindset.

And in still other news – I finally got my period at the end of May. The 16 months or so of no period was glorious! I still have not gotten period #2. My cycles were long and irregular in the past – at least 40 days. I realized that Sunday was day 41 and since I had a leftover pregnancy test and I love to pee on sticks, I decided to take a test. Negative. I repeated this insanity yesterday and had a VERY faint line resembling an absorption line. I thought I checked it in the right amount of time, but I couldn’t be certain. I promised myself I would wait to test again until at least Thursday…until this morning when I tested again. And again got a VERY faint line. This time I know I checked at the 2 minute mark. The line is no darker than yesterday and all but disappears when I fully extend my arm away from my face. So a foot away from my face I can see a faint line and 2+ feet away from my face (yes, I have very long arms) I can no longer see the line.

I have no idea what to think, so I am pretending nothing has happened since in reality no sane person would think anything really has happened. I haven’t even told my husband because there is no reason to get his hopes up if it turns out to be nothing. Long story short – I have three tests left and I am going to try to hold off on taking them for a few days.