Saturday, January 16, 2010


My husband left for Haiti today. He was told to expect to be gone about a month. The call came at 2 am this morning that he was going. He does have a satellite phone so I hope to be able to talk to him at least a little. The devastation there is heartbreaking. I am really proud of him for going, but also a little scared for him of what he is going to see.

My ultrasound is scheduled for Friday afternoon. My mom is flying into town for it. We had not planned on telling anyone until after we heard the heartbeat, but neither of us wanted me to be alone for the ultrasound. My mom is thrilled for us and happy to come into town to play with Grace.

Queasiness set in on Friday. It comes and goes – worse in the mornings and at night. So far I haven’t gotten sick, but I am sure it is coming. I started throwing up around 7 weeks with Grace. I am a little over 6 weeks now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beta # 3

My third beta on Friday was 1124! Since I don't know when I ovulated it is hard to compare my numbers to my pregnancy with Grace or websites like beta base. The good news is that it doubled again! My ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday. I know the days are going to drag out until then!

No pregnancy symptoms yet, but I have a really bad pain in my low back on the left side - sort of near my kidney. It throbs a bit when I sit down but when I stand up it takes my breath away and I limp for the first few steps. I googled signs of an eptopic and it doesn’t sound like that. I have a call into my RE’s office. I am sure it is nothing but anything out of the ordinary, especially in early pregnancy, scares the crap out of me.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

15 months

I can’t believe Grace is already 15 months old! She now weighs a whopping 19.5 lbs (5th percentile) and is 29 7/8 inches long (25th percentile). She continues to be a healthy little peanut, although a bit low on her iron. I’ve been trying to give her iron supplement drops for a while, but she hates them. The dr suggested we put the drops in chocolate pudding – no dice, she spit the first bite out. Trying to figure out the next food item to disguise the drops. Any ideas?

I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution, but I have been trying to cook healthier and more often. I find that my days with Grace run smoothly until about 4 when I start to think about preparing dinner and she starts to get clingy. She doesn’t really want me to hold her, but she also doesn’t want me to do anything where she isn’t the focus. I probably should start doing meal prep earlier in the day, but I have yet to get that productive. I did try two yummy big.gest recipes this week – pork tenderloin and cauliflower. They were quick, easy and healthy – exactly the kind of recipe I am looking for. I am trying to build my recipe box with these types of recipes to if you have any please post!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Second Beta

Thanks so much for the support! You all were right – I must have ovulated late. My second beta today (cycle day 35) was 257! I am so relived. I know I am not out of the woods, but I do feel much better about things today. I have another blood test on Friday.

My husband left today for a week of training, so I told him the good news over the phone just like I did when I found out my betas with Grace.

Thanks again for all the positive comments!