Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tubes and more

Grace is getting tubes! While I am not looking forward to surgery, I am really glad that she will have relief from constant ear infections. The ENT said recurrent ear infections during non-ear infection season are a good sign that she needs tubes. I asked about side effects and he said one complaint he hears a lot is increased mobility! It makes sense that her balance gets screwed up with an ear infection but I thought it was a pretty funny side effect of surgery.

In other news, my husband had hernia surgery on Monday. What an ordeal that was! We were told to show up at 10:30. The surgery is a 15 minute procedure, so I figured we would be home at 3 at the latest – in plenty of time to pick Grace up from daycare. Wrong! We left the house at 9 and pulled back in at 9 at night! Other than that, the surgery went well. He is at home recovering. My new challenge is trying to convince him not to do too much. Some men are babies when they are sick/recovering, but he is the extreme opposite. He gets offended if he so much as thinks he is being babied and generally tries to do more than he is allowed to by the doctor. This should be a fun couple of weeks!

I am finally getting to go on a girl’s weekend, sans baby! I am so excited! Originally I was waiting until Grace was weaned. Then we found out about the hernia surgery, so I wanted to wait until he was completely healed from it before leaving him with Grace. Not only do we have the weekend planned, but I bought plane tickets so it is official! Yay!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sinus Hell

I started getting sinus infections for the first time this past April. From April – July I was treated by our military clinic or urgent care centers. In July I finally received a referral to go to an ENT. They determined that I am allergic to just about every spring blooming tree. I am still unclear on why I have never had a sinus/allergy problem until now and how I got another infection in September (when all the spring trees have already bloomed).

Today was my follow-up appointment to see if the second round of antibiotics cleared up the infection. The CT scan revealed a fully blocked sinus. It was unbelievable to see the blockage on the left side of my face – from my jawbone to my eye socket. They took a culture and it turns out that this infection is resistant to all but 4 drugs, and only one of those drugs is in oral form the others are in IV form. The infection is a form of resistant strep, which apparently is not good at all.

I am on the oral medicine for a three week trail. If this doesn’t work he said they will have to put a picc line in to give me the IV meds. The other option is surgery. I was floored! I still can’t believe what I thought was a simple sinus infection has turned into a freaking nightmare.

He wants to see Grace immediately because he thinks there is a possibility she has it too – in the form of recurrent ear infections. Either way he thinks she is ready for tubes (6 ear infections since 4 months old) but he wants to see her soon to make sure she doesn’t have anything else. She has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. I am worried but since I am still so confused on everything I am not even sure what to google before the appointment - which is probably what is saving my sanity right now.

On the TTC front he told me to stop trying for now. This type of infection is something that needs to be completely cleared before getting pregnant. Plus the meds I am on now have not been tested for pregnancy. I am really glad I stopped nursing when Grace turned one otherwise I wouldn’t have any options for meds.

All in all today has been a huge shock for me. I hope to get more answers when I go back with Grace tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We still have not been able to get the seasonal flu vaccine for Grace! Her one year check-up was two weeks ago and the dr's office is still out of the vaccine. I just spoke to the receptionist who advised me to call back on Friday to see if they have received the vaccine. She said they are not even being told when to expect it. I am so frustrated!

Grace had her first stomach bug last week which gave me a peek into how terrible the flu could be. She was so sad and listless, even after she stopped puking. Thankfully it was just a 24 hour bug, but it sure was a crappy 24 hours!

Is anyone else having a problem getting the seasonal flu vaccine?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Starting Again

I can't believe it has already been a year - time really does fly by. We didn't have a big party for Grace, just a few friends and family. She HATED the cake, which I find very surprising becuase I love sweets and B has a sweet tooth too. He is really proud of her - thinks this is the start to good, clean healthy living for her! :)

I decided to make an appointment with my RE. I have been off the pill since Grace was about 3 months old, but we haven't been officially trying - i.e. taking temps, OPK's, etc. Since we don't know what was wrong in the first place we decided to start back with the RE. The appointment is Nov 2 and is a consultation. I hope he will just have us start where we left off - and IUI. I really don't want to put my body through any more tests or meds when we know what finally worked last time. We'll see if he agrees with me.

Grace enjoying her cake!