Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sinus Hell

I started getting sinus infections for the first time this past April. From April – July I was treated by our military clinic or urgent care centers. In July I finally received a referral to go to an ENT. They determined that I am allergic to just about every spring blooming tree. I am still unclear on why I have never had a sinus/allergy problem until now and how I got another infection in September (when all the spring trees have already bloomed).

Today was my follow-up appointment to see if the second round of antibiotics cleared up the infection. The CT scan revealed a fully blocked sinus. It was unbelievable to see the blockage on the left side of my face – from my jawbone to my eye socket. They took a culture and it turns out that this infection is resistant to all but 4 drugs, and only one of those drugs is in oral form the others are in IV form. The infection is a form of resistant strep, which apparently is not good at all.

I am on the oral medicine for a three week trail. If this doesn’t work he said they will have to put a picc line in to give me the IV meds. The other option is surgery. I was floored! I still can’t believe what I thought was a simple sinus infection has turned into a freaking nightmare.

He wants to see Grace immediately because he thinks there is a possibility she has it too – in the form of recurrent ear infections. Either way he thinks she is ready for tubes (6 ear infections since 4 months old) but he wants to see her soon to make sure she doesn’t have anything else. She has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. I am worried but since I am still so confused on everything I am not even sure what to google before the appointment - which is probably what is saving my sanity right now.

On the TTC front he told me to stop trying for now. This type of infection is something that needs to be completely cleared before getting pregnant. Plus the meds I am on now have not been tested for pregnancy. I am really glad I stopped nursing when Grace turned one otherwise I wouldn’t have any options for meds.

All in all today has been a huge shock for me. I hope to get more answers when I go back with Grace tomorrow.


Jen said...

That sounds horrible. I hope they are able to do something about it soon. And poor Grace with the tubes. Hopefully it clears up those nasty ear infections.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, so sorry. I had recurring sinus infections in college, but nothing like that. They are miserable. :( I hope you get well soon and pray that Grace doesn't have it also.

Denise said...

Oh, I feel for you! I'm on my 4th (or is it 5th?) sinus infection since May. I'm on my 4th antibiotic (the last round was 4 weeks) and according to my doc, this is the last option before moving on to other, more invasive treatments. I wonder if there is something to sinus infections occurring post partum? Maybe it's just having an immune system that hasn't recovered from pregnancy and delivery coupled with sleep deprivation? Hmmm.

Hope this latest med knocks yours out for good!

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