Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We still have not been able to get the seasonal flu vaccine for Grace! Her one year check-up was two weeks ago and the dr's office is still out of the vaccine. I just spoke to the receptionist who advised me to call back on Friday to see if they have received the vaccine. She said they are not even being told when to expect it. I am so frustrated!

Grace had her first stomach bug last week which gave me a peek into how terrible the flu could be. She was so sad and listless, even after she stopped puking. Thankfully it was just a 24 hour bug, but it sure was a crappy 24 hours!

Is anyone else having a problem getting the seasonal flu vaccine?


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear your peanut was sick! That's no fun for everyone involved.

We didn't have problems getting the seasonal flu vaccine. B had his 6 month well visit on Sep 4 and they gave him his first half-dose then and then he's getting his second half-dose this Friday. Apparently the first time they get a flu shot they have to do 2 half doses rather than 1 full dose. The second one is supposed to be at least 30 days after the first, but he's been a little sick so we held off until this Friday. I have no clue if he'll be able to get the H1N1 vax or if he should, etc. Guess we'll see. Good luck!

Sugar and Ice said...

I took the twins for their 1 year checkup about two weeks ago, and they received the first half dose. I have heard of other places around here being out of the flu vaccine though...I went to a walk in clinic myself about 2 weeks ago with mastitis, and while I was there, I heard them telling someone that they were expecting to receive the flu vaccine any day.

Katie said...

US TWO!!!! They had it for about a week at his ped's, and then it was gone. I feel bad for not jumping on it, but who knew?

Thanks for the comment on my blog, letting me know are back up and writing again.

OH, and Will hated his birthday cake, too! :)