Monday, October 22, 2007

Back to reality

We had a wonderful time in the Smoky Mountains! The weather was beautiful and perfect for hiking. It was so nice to be able to spend time together again. We did occasionally bicker, but I had to stop myself from getting too upset about it. How many times does a normal couple bicker over the course of 4 months? Our conversations during his deployment were condensed to 10-15 minutes every week or two. Thankfully we didn’t argue during that time. We decided that if you add up all the times we could have argued, but didn’t – we are doing damn good!

Here is a picture:

After his last deployment we had to deal with the transition of him coming back home. The military calls it reintegration. We received a lot of information about it before his first deployment. I didn’t think we would need it because we were newlyweds – he left 5 weeks after we got married. Boy was I wrong! It started about a week after he came home, after the newness had worn off, and lasted about a week. I had to make myself not yell at him over the smallest things like if he put away the groceries wrong or didn’t empty the dishwasher correctly.

He has now been home a week and damn if I am not fighting the same feelings of trying not to kill the poor man! I know it will get better in the next few days, but it just makes me feel terrible. The military stresses that you need to take thing slowly because like deployment, reunion is a process, not an event. Easy to say but not so easy to tell the ‘ol hormones to calm the hell down!

And now for the good news – no UTI!! Yay! I was so happy…and so was he! Thanks again for the advice about the prophylactic antibiotics.


In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Awwwww, this is SO sweet... Not that I'm looking forward to my husband's deployment by any stretch of the imagination, but I recally with such fondness the sweet in-loveness that follows our separation.

You guys are doing good to only fight a bit. Honestly, you're so right. You've had months to only talk about the really important stuff and not live together... it's normal. :)

Glad you staved off the UTI, those are so bad!

Thanks for your comments on my site. Yeah, it was really unexpected and once it started (cramping/bleeding), it was over in 7 hours. I'm still piecing my emotions back together, though. The online community has helped a ton.

alison said...

I just got caught up on your blog! :) So glad to your your husband is home. Good luck in the coming weeks!

I love love love the video of your dog on the treadmill, it makes me giggle. I'm also going to have to invest in a FURminator, our blue heeler/brittany spanial mix is shedding like CRAZY and it's driving me nuts. :)

Katie said...

Yes, those antibiotics are good things, eh? Glad it worked!

Those pics were beautiful and I am glad that you had a good time. My best friend's husband was deployed to Iraq for 18 months and I know the reintegration thing hit them pretty hard when he returned. If it is any consolation, after about a month, they seemed to get back into the groove and are doing wonderfully now.