Friday, April 11, 2008

16 week appointment

My appointment went well today. The doctor was able to find the heartbeat right away! Yay! What a beautiful sound. I can’t wait to tell B all about – which will probably be a repeat of the email I sent him as soon as I got back from the appointment. I’ve gained 6 pounds so far. All of my bloodwork from last appointment came back problem free. They did take more blood today for the triple test/screening. I think I get to keep all my blood at the next appointment which will be a nice change of pace.

I asked her about the prenatal vitamins. I haven’t been taking them since about 6-8 weeks when I was so sick – instead I switched to flin.stone vitamins. She said I could try to switch back to the prenatals, but to go back to the flin.stone vitamins if they cause any nausea.

I am exhausted now. I tried not to be nervous about the appointment but I couldn’t help it so I didn’t get a good night sleep. I see an early bedtime in my future. Have a great weekend!


Adriane said...

Glad your appointment went well and you could hear the heartbeat! So exciting! I love that you've been taking flin.stone vitamins!! That is great!

Meghan said...

Glad the appointment went well and they found the heartbeat right away. That is just the best sound

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

YAY for 16 weeks and great appointment! :)

Duck said...

Glad the appointment went well.