Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tilted Uterus

Apparently I have a tilted uterus. For the most part this doesn't mean anything - unless you are trying to hear the heartbeat on a doppler. I had my first regular OB appointment on Thursday. Everything was going great until she tried finding the heartbeat. My doctor was great - she kept repeating that this early it is sometimes hard to hear on a doppler and she thought she had the "finicky" doppler, etc. After what seemed like forever she decided that while everything was most likely okay, I should probably have an ultrasound for my peace of mind. Bless her!

We had our fourth ultrasound and as always it was amazing. I still can't believe the detail so early - and all of the movement. It was also great because this was the last doctor's appointment B will be able to make before he comes back in July. I am so glad he was able to meet the OB and get a good feeling about their practice.

B is now gone. I dropped him off this morning. He will be in NC for 2 weeks before deploying. Since I will get to see him right before he leaves (hopefully!) I am not freaking out yet - although I am sure that is coming. For now I am just trying to stay busy, which today meant cleaning the closets. :)


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I too have a tilted uterus. I can assure you that as the baby gets bigger it will be easier to hear the heartbeat. Best wishes for you and your hubby! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for another u/s! I hope B's deployment flies by for both of you. You will all be in my prayers. Godspeed to him!

Katie said...

I also have a tilted uterus, though mine tilts forward, which I guess makes it easier to hear the heartbeat, or at least that's what my OB told me. But I also was 13 plus weeks before they looked for it. I am almost jealous of an extra ultrasound, though the agony of waiting those minutes in between not hearing it and seeing all was fine would have about killed me. I am glad that it went well.

I am sorry about B's deployment. How long will he be gone for?

Jennifer said...

July will be here before you know it...good luck M!!! Bless his heart!

Adriane said...

Glad you got an U/S to set your mind at ease!!