Monday, March 3, 2008

More pictures!

After re-reading my post from Monday it is not surprising that I ended up having a meltdown on Monday night. It was not pretty – this meltdown of mine. It was full of snotty sobbing and me gasping for air in between my sobs. Poor B – he took it like a man. He had absolutely no idea what to do – but he did just what I needed him to do and just held me. I felt much better afterwards, not sure I can say the same about B though!

The thing that pushed me over the edge is B will be leaving for deployment earlier than expected. We were hoping that he would be here through the first week of April. I was excited that he would be here for at least part of the much-hyped second trimester good feelings. I will be 13 weeks on 3/22. He leaves on 3/16. Luckily he will still be in the States until the beginning of April (we hope!) just in North Carolina rather than Kentucky. The plan now is for me to visit him the last weekend in March. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he stays state-side long enough for me to visit.

He should be back early-mid July, which means that he will leave when it looks like I have a beer gut and will get back when I am huge! I am going to have to send him a lot of pictures along the way so he doesn’t have a heart attack when he sees me for the first time.

And now for the pictures (10 weeks):

Yay for another great ultrasound! Although I can’t wait until I can stop having them via the dildo-cam.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that B will miss out on the good feelings of the second trimester. Hopefully he will be around for the delivery though??

Love the u/s pics, lookin' good! :)

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm so sorry B will be leaving earlier for his deployment and missing out on the second trimester. That really stinks. Though it sounds like he'll be back for the birth, thankfully. I hope you get to see him in late March!

The ultrasound pictures look great! I love the one of the feet!

Adriane said...

Love the U/S pics and I really hope you get to visit B in late March!!! Hope you are starting to feel good again!

Courtney said...

That is one cute baby! Congratulations on the continued success and I hope the time that your hubby is away goes by very, very quickly. :)