Friday, November 2, 2007


Update: No lotion contamination!! Yay! The RE nurse just called to tell me that his totals were 90 million, and that anything above 20 million was good. I have a feeling there will be a significant amount of high-fiving and who’s the man type comments going on at my home this evening. Hopefully this news will result in some good feelings for the upcoming “doing it Olympics” as he likes to call the on-demand sex around ovulation.

Yesterday was B’s semen analysis. Boy was that a big fat pain in my ass. The whole process was stressing him out – how gross it was to be in a room were only s/a’s were performed, how unnatural it was to do it without lube, etc. He ended up doing it at home and unfortunately ended up using some lube (hand lotion). Not to be too graphic, but he says he kept the lotion away from the container and away from the end of his member. Does anyone else have a husband with this problem? I really hope the lotion doesn’t end up screwing the results. He swears he tried for thirty minutes – making himself raw and damn near starting a fire. Earlier in the week I offered to come home to “help” but he didn’t think he would need any.

We were supposed to find out the results yesterday, but they never called. I called today and the only nurse that can give results is at the IVF clinic until this afternoon. I have serious doubts that we will find out before this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, the in-laws are coming to visit and I am supposed to ovulate. Seriously, what kind of crap timing is that? B’s mom and her boyfriend should be in town sometime today. We don’t know when because they have stopped off at a casino or two on their way down from New England. I got a very light second line on my OPK yesterday, so I am guessing today (CD 14) or tomorrow will be the day.

Nothing says DO ME NOW more than having your freaking mom 20 feet away – poor guy. If the s/a stressed him out, this will probably push him over the edge!


Katie said...

Ah, the good ol' spankatoriums at the RE's office have been the site of more than a few frustrations and tears in our marriage. My DH is a good sport about most parts of this, including the ondemand sex, but he isn't very excited about the ondemand hand jobs. I do go into the room and "help," so perhaps you could try "helping" at home? I am not sure about the lotion, but I will just keep fingers crossed for no contamination.

alison said...

Eeee! What a stressful couple days! I'm hoping your weekend goes smoothly, and hoping for good results for the SA.

btw... I think the FURminator will be on my doorstep when I get home, and I'm SO EXCITED. Is that lame? You know your old when a dog-hair-removal object is what you're looking forward to after work. :)

Katie said...

Yes! I love the fact that the lotion did not affect the results! Your husband will probably want a plaque, like my husband did after his good count.

Congratulations on the good sperm count - have a good weekend!

Courtney said...

High fives all around! Congrats on the good results and the lack of lotion in the goods. :)

alison said...

Woohoo for the high count! Have a great weekend!

and p.s. the furminator is probably the greatest invention in the history of pet inventions. i LOVE it! :)

Amy said...

Great news!!