Monday, November 5, 2007

Waiting game

It should be no surprise that B was ecstatic over his s/a results. He couldn’t believe his total was 90 million because he said there wasn’t much too test. I feel really good about our chances this cycle. I ovulated on Friday and we were able to squeeze in some loving on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, even with mother-in-law downstairs.

I say I ovulated Friday because of my temps, but I never got a good positive OPK. There was no line on Thursday, a light line on Friday when I tested at 7:30 pm, a darker, but still light, line on Saturday when I tested at 6:00 pm, and no line on Sunday. Hopefully we timed everything okay. I would have liked to start the love-fest on Thursday, but B was way too exhausted from his stressful day of “wanking” (his words, obviously).

All in all the weekend with his mom and her boyfriend went well. B is from Boston and his entire family, except us, still lives there. With the Red Sox winning the World Series and the Pats winning last night – all was good. B’s fantasy football team even won yesterday!

Now we are at the dreaded 2ww. Bleh. I hate this part of the cycle.


Anonymous said...

I'm about to join you in the 2ww I think. (pending that the Provera works as it should).

Your almond comment about made me fall out of my chair I was laughing so hard. Ahh they're so clueless. :)

Kym said...

Good luck to you this cycle! I've got all of my crossables crossed!

Courtney said...

Sorry about the dreaded 2 ww, but I hope that this wait brings you just what you want! I'll be joining you in the great wait soon!!!

Kristen said...

Men are always so proud of their sperm counts. LOL My hubby was happy his boys could swim too.

I hope you have a great result at the end of this 2ww!

Katie said...

Welcome to the 2WW! Fingers crossed that those 90 million swimmers found their target!