Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm back!

I have been so slammed at work this past week that I have neglected my blog and have had no time to read other blogs. Even though I’ve only been in the blog world for a few months, I felt so disconnected being out of the loop for a week!

B dropped a big bomb on me last week – he may be deploying again in April. With his job, the majority of the deployments are voluntary. If I get pregnant this cycle, he would be gone from 6 to 8 ½ months! He thought this was perfect timing because he would be home in time for the birth. Keep in mind this is a voluntary deployment. I would completely understand if it was a typical deployment (i.e. he gets called up, he deploys, no questions asked) although I would still be very disappointed.

I finally convinced him that it would be very hard on me for him to be gone that late in pregnancy – especially with our closest family 7 hours away. He then asked if it would be okay for him to deploy if I didn’t get pregnant this cycle. Even though I wanted to tell him no, I know that I can’t continue to play the “what if” game in regards to pregnancy. I’ve been playing it too long and it just gets old after a while. So if I don’t get pregnant this cycle, he will most likely deploy in April.

I think the reason that I’m not too upset about this is because I really feel like this cycle will work. I am 10 DPO today. Unfortunately my luteal phase ranges from 17-21 days, so I still have a while before I can test. I should find out if I am pregnant on almost exactly the same day as when I got the positive pregnancy test last November! Does time of year have anything to do with fertility?

So far my chart looks pretty good but I know only time will tell. I should be pretty busy at work this week so hopefully I can keep my mind off of testing for a while longer!


Anonymous said...

Yikes, what a range of emotions you must be going through!! I'm hoping for 2 magical lines for both of us next week!

Courtney said...

I will third Alison's comment (selfishly including myself)! I hope that you get that bfp and the timing of everything works out perfectly.

Amy said...

That's a beautiful chart! Hoping your temps keep climbing and you get the bfp next week!!

infertility just sucks said...

Yes, a week out of the 'sphere left me feeling totally discombobulated.

"What if" is so evil. So, so, so evil. It's so hard to keep putting things on hold.

Even with that in mind though, deployment = yuck-ola.

But, you will totally get a positive so none of this matters anyway. :)