Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow day

I am a wuss – I called the RE nurse this morning to ask if there was anything they could prescribe for the morning sickness. Last night I had another out-of-nowhere puking episode – luckily I was much closer to the bathroom so I made it in time! I feel like such a loser asking for meds after only a week. :)

The nurse just called back and told me to take vitamin b-6 twice a day. She said if that doesn’t help they can call in a prescription, but they make you drowsy and she wants to avoid that.

Even though the constant queasiness and surprise vomiting aren’t making me feel awesome – it does really excite me to think that things are progressing. This is a hard thing to make someone (like my poor husband) understand. He is out of town this week and feels terrible he isn’t here to help me.

Thanks for the suggestions too. I remember reading Katie’s apples story and thinking (1) gross! sorry, Katie! :) (because I couldn't imagine ever having morning sickness), and (2) that was some quick thinking on Katie’s part. From now on I am going to start carrying a few extra bags in my purse and briefcase – just in case. We are snowed in today, so at least I don’t have to worry about any workplace puking for the day!

One more week until the ultrasound! Yay!


Adriane said...

I think it's great that you called. If it's that bad, you need to do something. I did hear from my OB that B-6 is good for the nausea. Hope it works!!

Hekateris said...

You might try imbibing a bit of extra salt - that worked better for me than fresh ginger or ginger tea.

Katie said...

Yes, definitely try the B6. That actually has helped several of my friends. But since you are actually vomiting and it's pretty early, I would also ask your OB what they think of taking a Unisom at night. Definitely run it past your doctor by the combination of Unisom and B6 used to be sold as an antinausea med in the US and my OB loves this combination.

And I am glad that my experience has helped you to know that you need some help. I suffered through eight weeks of this in my last pregnancy and it was not worth it. I asked for the meds at six weeks this time.

Jen said...

I hope the B6 helps. I've been very lucky in the morning sickness department. And while symptoms can be reassuring, puking is just not fun.

Courtney said...

I surely hope that the sudden sickness subsides! In some sick way (bad choice of words) it provides some reassurance that things are happening 'in there'. :)

Sending wishes that the week flies by before your u/s.

Jen said...

Thanks for your comment. And I hope you feel beeter soon.

Anonymous said...

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