Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reason for the delay

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning:

Still no power and the house is cold as crap! B is out of town on business, so I am staying with friends and the pups are at the vet.

On to my beta:
My beta (on 23 DPO) was 2,658 – it was 437 at 17 DPO. The nurse told me that while my beta didn’t “double, double,” it was about 65% which is their threshold. Obviously I started freaking out. She said that it was okay the beta didn’t “double, double” but that she just wanted to let me know, “you know”. WTF does that mean? Why tell someone who is clearly scared to begin with something like that?

I checked on Beta Base and it looks like my beta is still okay. To add to my freak out, she didn’t want to schedule the ultrasound until 2/28 – freaking 4 weeks away! I tried to get her to move it up but she said that was the earliest they like to perform ultrasounds (which I know is bullshit). I will be 9 weeks by 2/28!

I called back today and talked the receptionist into moving the ultrasound up to 2/19, which still seems late to me. I am okay with it because B will be gone the week before (2/11 – 2/15) and next week might be too early to see the heartbeat.

So only 18 days to go! Oy!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I'm glad you were ok! What caused that? Wind or was the tree just really old? Scary!

18 days sounds like so long from now, but it will fly by. Sending lots of prayers and happy (warm!) thoughts to you right now. :)

Jen said...

9 weeks??? Anther week or 2 and you'd hear the HB on doppler. That's total crap. My RE's office is doing mine at 7 weeks. Lots of them do it at 6.

Denise said...

Oh, how nerve wracking!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I wouldn't worry about the doubling time -- they often say 48-72 hours, and you'rs is 55 hours, and your actual number seems fine and is still doubling.

Like Alison said, 18 days seems so far away but the time will fly (though isn't it 20 days until the 19th?). 9 weeks does seem awfully late -- 8 seems somewhat more reasonable, though still late.

Best wishes!!

Adriane said...

Those pictures are horrible. Hope power is back on soon!!

That really stinks that your U/S is so far away. The wait is not fun. I agree with Jen, it's crap. I had my first U/S at 5w5d (with my RE, not my OB), but I guess every Dr is different. Hope it goes by fast - at least you got it pushed up a week!!

Katie said...

Wow, that's scary - about the house, I mean.

As for the beta, can they at least do another one? LOADS of people that I know (including me) have a maverick beta that doesn't double as it should. All seems to be fine for me, but that's really too long for you to have to wait like this. I would ask for another, if you need any more assurance (but that's just me and my freakoutishness).

I am glad that you got the ultrasound moved up, but it seems far away to me, too! Like K said, your beta doubling time is within the 48 - 72 hour range, which is very acceptable. Plus, doubling start to slow down around the 1200 mark.

Duck said...

WOW that looks horrid, glad that your alright though. Only a few more weeks and you will get to hear heartbeats and see pictures!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Yikes! I'm sorry to see the damage, but I'm glad that you are ok and that you're betas look great!

18 days sounds like an eternity, but it will be here before you know it.