Monday, January 14, 2008

A few questions

We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend which should mean that I am well-rested to start the work week. Unfortunately one of our dogs had an upset stomach during the night. The horrible smell woke me up around 2:30am. It didn’t seem to phase either dog, both of whom thought it was play-time when I got out of bed to clean up the mess (Note: husband was sleeping soundly until the grout scrubbing of poo got too loud for him. Yes, said husband is still alive, but just barely).

B is off work today so at least the pups will get some extra TLC. The only thing I can think of that upset him is we changed their food – but still the same brand, we just switched from weight control (one used to be a fatty) to active dog. We even mixed the new and old food to help with the transition, but I guess we didn’t do it well enough. Our junk-yard dog, Humane Society pup is fine and the purebred that we actually paid money for is sick. Go figure.

Today is 7dpo, 6dpiui. I think I am going to go in for a blood test this time instead of testing at home. Testing just drains me and makes me insane. B is voting for the blood test because he wants proof that everything looks okay before we celebrate and he doesn’t trust hpt’s.

How early can a blood test pick up a positive? Like I said before, my luteal phase is typically 17-20 days – I am not sure if that has anything to do with how early you can get a positive blood test. The only time I actually did get pregnant, I tested negative with a blood test at 9dpo (I was getting routine blood work before starting Clomid the next month) and I finally got a positive HPT on 18dpo. Of course that one ended in a miscarriage a few days later so it is probably not the best to compare. My thought now is to get a blood test a week from tomorrow, which will be 15 dpo, 14 dpiui.

After reading through this post I can see that the insanity has already set in. This is early for me but I imagine it’s because B will be deploying again in April. Plus he told me this weekend that he has so many TDY’s (military business/training trips) in February and March that he wants me to call the fertility clinic and ask about freezing possibilities. Has anyone done this?


Meghan said...

Sorry about the sick pup

I know my clinic schedules blood tests for IUI's 15 days past. Not sure how your long LP factors into that.

Good luck!!

Duck said...

Sorry to hear about the sick pup, never fun.
I think my clinic does 14 days past iui. good luck waiting, don't go too crazy.

Denise said...

I hear ya on the cleaning up after a sick pup in the middle of the night. We have 2 pups with kennel cough at the moment and one of them got us up 2-3 times per night vomiting last week. Ick. Had to steam clean the carpet.

14 days past IUI sounds right. I think that's when we were always told to test at home after our IUI's.

Adriane said...

My clinic does blood tests 16 dpiui. I think the blood tests should pick up HCG pretty early, but everyone is different with the amount of HCG in their system. I would bet 14 dpiui is very safe for a blood test. Good luck!

Waiting Amy said...

My clinic tested 16 dpiui. If the test is a quantitative beta than they pick up tiny amounts of hCG, so you can get a positive result earlier than even 14 dpiui, but it always depends on how long implantation took. Sorry, no advice on freezing, although I've heard several people have done it.

Thanks for stopping by my place. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about how soon a blood test can pick up a positive, but I'm thinking 14 days sounds right. It's more sensitive than a HPT - and those usually pick up an HCG of around 25. Hopefully you'll have fantastic news when you do test!