Friday, August 31, 2007

After starting my blog yesterday I began reading other ttc blogs. Holy Hell! I cannot begin to fathom the heartache and grief of these courageous women who have tried so many means to get pregnant. Pretty much everyone I know was able to get pregnant almost immediately. For that reason, we have told very few people that we are trying to conceive because I didn’t want the questions, especially as it starting taking a while - hence the creation of a blog no one in real life knows about.

After reading the blogs of those ttc, I am amazed at how so many keep such a positive attitude, often causing me to laugh out loud one minute – a no-no at work – and tear up the next. I was inspired to get my head out of my butt and stop feeling sorry for myself that it hasn’t worked yet. I am determined to not stress myself out about it when B gets home. It’s bad enough that he is in a hostile environment now with crazy insurgents everywhere; the last thing he needs when he gets home is a crazy as hell wife who can’t stop muttering about cervical mucus and the like. (I will have to remind myself to re-read this post when B does get home … crazy comes so naturally to me I’ll need a refresher on why I need to put a lid on it.)

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

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Kim said...

Welcome to blogland!

Best of luck TTC!

Your husband is in our thoughts....come home safe!